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“High Performance Narrow Band Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector”

The Masterscan name has always assured the technician of robust instrument construction combined with exceptional performance. Features can be added and upgrades performed in the working environment, reducing downtime and increasing working flexibility. High levels of near surface resolution, penetrating power (450V pulser - square and spike) and excellent signal to noise ration are key functions in the Masterscan range.

Masterscan D-70
This instrument offers the inspector a fully capable and functional set of tools and software for inspection across all applications. Capabilities include encoded B-Scan, Advanced Thickness logging and Dryscan capability in a portable enclosure.

Masterscan 700M
The Masterscan 700M offers the end user a high end narrowband flaw detector with a full VGA display, sync and proportional outputs, sync input and a Spike and Square Pulser.

Specifications of Masterscan series D-70 & 700M 

Test Range: 


Frequency Band:



0-1mm (0.05in) up to 0-20,000mm (800 in.), in steel at 5930m/s (19455f/s)

256 - 16000 m/s continuously variable.

100kHz - 22 MHz (Wideband).

Operating - 10°C to 55°C (14°F - 131°F)

Masterscan D-70: 1.7kg (3.7lbs) with battery.
Masterscan 700M: 2.5kg (5.5lbs) with battery.


“General Purpose Broadband Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector”

The Sitescan Flaw Detectors have always meant highly reliable, technician focused flaw detection equipment and this model builds on that tradition. It has two (2) individual models

Sitescan D-50

It offers the end user an entry level broadband flaw detector in the popular and portable casing of the established D-Series; with a full

Sitescan 500S

Offers the end user an entry level broad band flaw detector with full VGA display, sync and proportional outputs and a 50nS (Spike) 200V Pulser.

Specifications of Sitescan series D-50 & 500S

Test Range 

Test Modes
Frequency Band

: 0-5mm (0.25in) up to 0-10,000mm (400in.), in  
  steel at 5930m/s 19455f/s)
: 1000 – 10, 000m/s continuously variable
: Pulse echo and transmit/receive
: 1.0MHz to 14MHz
: Operating - 10°C to 55°C (14°F - 131°F)
: D-50 - 1.7kg (3.7lbs) with battery 
: 500S - 2.5kg (5.5lbs) with battery


    Typical applications are Weld Fabrication, Corrosion Detection, Forgings & Castings and general UT inspection.


The Prisma Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is the latest product from Sonatest’s technician. It offers the end use, outstanding performance in the field together with the flexibility and capability to step up from using a high-end ultrasonic flaw detector to an instrument with phased array functionality.

As simple as you want: It can do 30 second configuration, No Delay - UT to PA - one button away, Configuration and Calibration Wizards, "Parameter Genius" giving you step by step assurance, Minimize training due to the common user interface, UT Studio provides fast & dynamic reporting

As capable as you need: It has UT, TOFD & PA Inspection Modes, Multi-mode validation of inspection, Upgradeable anytime, anywhere, Unique cursors for precision measurement, Recordability: screen shots, full data recording, fully traceable, Customizable imaging layout - 29 to choose from.

All models have TOFD capability on board, together with excellent reporting output.

Typical applications are broad but include Weld inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.


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