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Sonatest – Sonagage IV

The Sonagage IV is ideal for the operator that tests a few different materials regularly and contains 8 velocities of common materials and two velocities that the user can set using a simple software program. It has Fixed Velocity Gauge, Simple "Switch On and Measure", Auto Shut Off, 200 hour battery life and 2 custom battery user velocities

The 8 Common materials and their velocities that are pre-loaded include: Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Plexiglass, PVC, Polystyrene and Polyurethane.

Applications include: Corrosion & Pitting, Tube & Pipe, Tanks & Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Ship Hulls, Glass and Plastic. 


Sonatest – T-Gage V Series

The T-Gage V series encompasses a range of hand held ultrasonic instruments that are specifically designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primary steel structures. There are three levels of models; the T-Gage VB, T-Gage V and the T-Gage VDL. A colour display (C) or A/B-Scan functionality (W) can be added to the T-Gage V & VDL, by simply adding C or W to the model number. The T-GAGE V series offers features that make your job simpler and interpretation of on site data faster and easier to interpret.

The T-Gage V suite of gauges are offered with a Monochrome dispaly as standard. To enhance the user experience a Colour Display(C) can be configured, as can the addtional A-Scan functionality (W). These simple upgrade options are available throughout the life of your gauge.

T-Gage VB
The T-Gage VB is a basic variable velocity gauge with probe. This is a very economical model designed to make reliable and accurate thickness readings; primarily on steel structures with access to one side. This model is easily upgradeable in the field to deliver datalogging functionality.

T-Gage V
As a mid-range model the T-gage V offers the most popular features in a thickness gauge, including Echo-to-Echo (E-E) capability. Other features include increase/decrease in gain; vibrate & illuminate keypad on Alarm conditions and the "transducer attendant", where the end user is notified when a transducer needs replacing. Simple upgradeable options include A/B-Scan capability and data logging software.

T-Gage VDL
The T-Gage VDL is the top of the range model offering all the features of the V model together with a flexible datalogger, taking up to 50,000 readings, B-Scan and Echo-to-Echo functions. This model also comes with the data management software, Data XLS, and a customised pouch.


Sonatest – Microgage III Series

Sonatest presents the new Microgage III series of portable precision thickness gauges, available with monochrome and colour displays, with or without A-Scan capability. All instruments across the range are field upgradeable, allowing the operator to opt for further features further down the line, without returning the instrument to the factory.

The variety of features offered by the MICROGAGE III series enables the user to select a quality tool that will exceed their application needs. The Echo-to-Echo capability allows the measurement of the thickness of materials without removing paint or coatings.

The compact and powerful Microgage III measures 0.1mm or 0.0040 inches of Steel; and overall is ideal for a wide variety of applications from thin to thicker due to its 30Mhz bandwidth square wave pulser.

Designed with the user in mind, the MICROGAGE III utilises state-of-the–art digital technology to produce fast and accurate readings. Available in 7 models including basic (B), datalogging (DL), with and without waveform(W) with monochrome or colour(C) displays.

Features include:

  • 0.0001 resolution
  • Live A-scan (colour optional)
  • Vibration and colour change with alarm
  • Storage and recall of set ups
  • 30 MHz bandwidth
  • Zoom auto tracking
  • Datalogger 100,000 readings 
  • Multiple Modes for challenging applications
  • Real-Time adjustment of initial gain, slope, range, rectification, zoom and blankings.
  • Sunlight readable
  • Languages include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Finnish among others.

Applications areas include: Coil Steel, Fibreglass Thickness (Boats), Titanium (golf club heads), Rubber Tyres, Thin Walled Components, Aerospace applications, Plastics Manufacturing. 



Sonatest – B - Gage

The B-Gage is an easy to use and economical hand held variable velocity ultrasonic thickness meter. Application materials that can be tested with the B-Gage include metals, plastic, glass, ceramics and any material which will satisfactorily conduct ultrasound. This economical gauge offers the end user a good solution as an entry level variable velocity thickness meter.

Main application to assess wall thinning due to corrosion/erosion such as: Pressure Vessels, Ship Hulls/Decking Storage Tanks, Castings, Boilers, Axles/Rails/Wheels, Plates & Pipes


ElektroPhysik - Wall Thickness Gauage

MiniTest FH-4100 / FH-2100

Non-destructive wall thickness measurement of:

  • Non-magnetic materials, e.g. plastics, glass, ceramics, non-ferrous metals etc.
  • Hollow parts of all kind, e.g. bottles, cups, cans, bowls etc.
  • plates, car body parts, glass planes etc.

ElektroPhysik - Wall Thickness Gauage

MiniTest 400 (Series 420, 430, 440)

  • MiniTest 420 – the sturdy and economically priced basic model with memory, USB interface and automatic probe-calibration detection.
  • MiniTest 430 – with integrated memory for 10 groups each with maximum 500 measuring values and USB interface
  • MiniTest 440 -  the high-end device that can penetrate coatings for measuring

Non-destructive wall thickness measurement:

  • Hard materials like metal, synthetic material, glass, ceramic, etc.
  • Hollow bodies of all kinds like tanks, pipes etc.

ElektroPhysik - Wall Thickness Gauage

MiniTest 7400FH (Series 7200FH, 7400FH)

Professional, high-end wall thickness measuring device for non-destructive measurements of up to 24mm. The devices are suited for thickness measurement of non-magnetic materials such as glass, synthetic materials, stainless steel and composites and even complex component geometries can be measured.

The SIDSP sensor ensures high measuring precision and repeatability and compensates for temperature influences of the measuring environment and the measuring environment and the measuring object. The sensors are equipped with carbide metal tips making them highly wear-resistant.

Non-destructive wall thickness measurement:

  • Non-magnetic materials like synthetic materials, glass, ceramic, non-ferrous metals…
  • All kinds of hollow items like bottles, aluminium cans, glass and plastic container with complex geometries…
  • Die-cast and moulded plastic parts

Cygnus 1 Underwater - Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Underwater Thickness Gauge

A tough underwater Ultrasonic Thickness gauge using our Multiple Echo technology, designed for use by divers undertaking subsea surveys. The instrument is rated to a depth of 300 m. The Cygnus 1 Underwater is supplied ready to use as a complete kit in a protective carry case with 2 rechargeable batteries.


Cygnus 4 - General Purpose - Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

A compact general purpose Ultrasonic Thickness gauge gives accurate, error-checked, through-coating measurements using our Multiple Echo technology. Highly versatile for use in most hand-held industrial or shipping applications. The LCD display is easily read outdoors and perfect for use in all light conditions, with automatic white back light control. Menu-driven operation and "Deep-Coat" mode allow easy thickness gauging through coatings up to 20 mm. Cygnus 4, supplied in an IP65 rated/sealed aluminium enclosure, protective silicon sleeve and optional belt / harness clip is extremely light, tough and simple to use.

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