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The RapidScan3D is an innovative solution to the need for Ultrasonic NDT of modern engineering structures. Using high speed electronics, an ergonomic scanning arm, and a set of array probes based on patented technology, the RapidScan3D offers true 3D scanning at a fraction of the cost of contour following scanning gantries.

Array Sensors  

Sonatest Sliding Probe: The Sliding probe features a 0.8mm pitch array with 64 elements in a small compact sensor. This hand held probe is designed to work with the Faro arm to scan areas with tight access, but has the same area coverage as a Wheel Probe. This sensor is designed to work with a water feed system to ensure excellent coupling for parts with tight radius of curvature.



Sonatest Wheel Probe: Adapted from our patented Wheel Probe technology, the RapidScan3D wheel probe offers exceptional performance for fast large area coverage. It has been specifically designed for ergonomic handling, and incorporates a 0.8mm pitch array with 64 elements for high resolution C-Scan imaging, and a low pressure coupling tyre.

Scanning Arm:

  • Working reach per arm position: 0.6m to 1.8m depending on model
  • Number of arm positions: Unlimited
  • Positional accuracy (X, Y and Z): <0.1mm
  • Number of axes: 7
  • Scanning speed: 180mm/s @ 1mm scan pitch
  • Weight 9.3kg to 10.2kg depending on model
  • Calibration test method to B89.4.22
  • Operating conditions 10°C to 40°C
  • (0% to 95% humidity non-condensing)
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