Coating Thickness Meters
  Thickness Gauge
  Corrosion Gauge
  Flaw Detector
  Automated UT Inspection
  Alloy Analysers
  Pin Hole Detector
  Hardness Testers
  Roughness Tester
  Couplant & Calibration Block
  Phased Array
  Video Endoscopy
  Tank Bottom Inspection System
  Dosimeters & Chargers
  Dark Room Equipment
  Vibration & Signal Analyser
  Portable X-Ray Generators

a) 880 Delta Source Projector

AEA Technology is the complete service dedicated to the needs of Gamma Radiography industry.


b) Guide Tubes
Guide Tube Positioning Accessories.

  • Burette Clamp
  • Boss Head
  • Retort Base
  • Retort Rod


c) Collimators

  • Mini Collimators – Screw Type
  • Mini Collimators – Push Fit Type


d) X-Ray & Gamma Ray Crawlers

Pipeline X-ray and Gamma Crawlers designed to produce height quality panoramic radiographs of circumferential butt welds 6” to 72” diameter pipe.


e) Radiation Warning Signs

All the below signs are to the same basic designs, conforming to the current ionizing radiations regulations. They differ in wordings.


f) Lead Intensifying Screens

Lead Intensifying Screens are thin sheets of lead foil mounted on card for ease of handling. One is place either side of X-ray film and in close contact with it.



g) Image Quality Indicators (IQI’s)

Each Indicator consists of a series of seven parallel wires of different thickness mounted and encapsulated between two thin sheets of transparent, flexible PVC.



h) Film Processing Chemicals (Agfa & Kodak)

  • Agfa G128 Manual Developer
  • Agfa G328 Manual Developer
  • Kodak Industrex Manual Developer
  • Kodak Industrex Manual Fixer


i) Film Storage Box

Film Storage Box (Egg Box) to take 70mm Roll film, 25 divisions,
Size; 16” x 16”x 3”. (to take 100 mm Roll Film)

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